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conférence en entreprises sur l'audace de Mathieu BOINET à Paris. Conférence professionnelle

How to manage your time ?

You'll find it easy !

TEDx talk, Limoges opera (France) - October 2021 - 1200 participants.

According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review, 82% of employees consider a lack of time management to be a major obstacle to their business performance.


Why is good time management vital in business?


The figures speak for themselves. Every year, billions of working hours are lost due to poor time management, resulting in a drop in productivity of up to 30% in some organizations.


Missed deadlines, delayed projects and a backlog of unfinished tasks hamper business growth and profitability.


This interactive conference presents the benefits of better time management for you and your organization.


Optimizing your time management requires boldness and the courage to make daily changes.

How to manage your time ?

The benefits of time management for your business :


Imagine for a moment a company where every employee is master of his or her own time, able to skillfully juggle tasks, meetings and objectives. The benefits are numerous :


  1. Increased productivity : By using their time optimally, your employees will accomplish more tasks in less time, freeing up valuable resources for other projects.

  2. Reduced stress : Better time management reduces the stress associated with deadlines and work overloads, fostering a more serene working environment conducive to creativity.

  3. Improved quality of work : By devoting more time to essential tasks and avoiding constant interruptions, your employees will be able to deliver better quality work.

  4. Motivation and commitment : Employees who manage their time well feel more in control of their work, which boosts their motivation and commitment to their company.

mathieu boinet audace - conférences séminaires entreprises - conférence ted - conférence t

TEDx talk, Limoges opera (France) - October 2021 - 1200 participants.

mathieu boinet qui donne une conférence TEDx à Limoges

TEDx talk, Limoges opera (France) - October 2021 - 1200 participants.

By choosing Mathieu Boinet's "How to manage your time" conference, companies can offer their employees a transformative and energizing professional event.

Participants will leave with a renewed vision, concrete strategies for overcoming obstacles, greater confidence in their abilities and reinforced motivation to achieve their goals.


Contact us now to book Mathieu Boinet's "How to manage your time" conference, and let your employees discover a new approach to time management that will make their day-to-day work easier. 


Don't wait any longer for change to come from your employees, open the way for them!

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