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keynote speaker: why join the VSAI?

The Virtual Speakers Association International (VSAI) stands as a pivotal junction for public speaking professionals globally. As a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), VSAI provides a unique platform for keynote speakers, moderators, trainers, and consultants. Its mission is to unite those who use their voice to inspire, educate, and motivate, thereby creating a global community of public speaking professionals.

The current board includes:

Whether a board member or not, feel free to contact any VSAI member for information. It's a highly accessible and available community of keynote speakers.

Keynote Speakers: Common Challenges

Lack of Visibility and Network

Standing out is crucial for keynote speakers, regardless of their country of origin. Your uniqueness is your DNA as a keynote speaker and your greatest asset! VSAI offers a platform to enhance the visibility of professional speakers. Joining this association opens doors to an international network, increasing collaboration and exposure opportunities. This heightened visibility is vital for attracting new clients and establishing your identity as a keynote speaker.

Need for Continuous Training

The profession of a corporate keynote speaker demands constant updating of personal and professional knowledge and skills. VSAI organizes regular educational events and biannual summits, providing keynote speakers opportunities to learn and improve. These training sessions cover various topics, from the latest presentation trends to effective digital technology usage.

Difficulty in Finding Speaking Opportunities

Finding public speaking opportunities can be a significant challenge for beginner speakers. VSAI's database of professional keynote speakers can connect you with individuals who might offer practice opportunities. VSAI operates on a foundation of kindness, mutual aid, and solidarity, bridging speakers with national and international engagement opportunities.

Lack of Professional Recognition

Professional recognition is a cornerstone for a keynote speaker's career. As a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), VSAI members enjoy international recognition, enhancing their credibility and professional status. This affiliation with a renowned organization is an undeniable asset in establishing oneself as an expert in the field.

Need for Innovation and Inspiration

Every keynote speaker worldwide eventually faces a "creative block" and a decline in inspiration. To remain relevant and engaging, speakers must continually innovate and renew themselves. The association fosters idea and experience exchange among members, promoting innovation and inspiration within the speaker community. These interactions allow members to discover new perspectives, adopt fresh approaches, and stay at the forefront of their craft.

Events for Gathering

Finally, I'd like to mention an upcoming event that will soon bring together hundreds of keynote speakers from around the world: The Global Speakers Summit (GSS 2024) at the Hilton Hotel in Bali. An event I would never have reached alone. In September 2024, I will travel to Bali with my family to attend this event, thanks to VSAI. It's a unique opportunity to meet and learn from peers worldwide.


As the French ambassador of VSAI and a keynote speaker, I invite you to join this dynamic and expanding community. Whether you are an experienced corporate speaker or just starting, VSAI provides the tools, resources, and network necessary to excel in your profession. Membership is only $49/year!

If you are a keynote speaker residing in the Francophone region, contact me to learn more and discover how VSAI can help develop your professional career.

liste des ambassadeurs de la virtual speakers association international

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